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  • Business Networking Workshop
  • Business Networking Workshop

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Tailored training

Presentation and public speaking

Improve your delegates confidence and ability to speak in public 

 Engage more with your audience and deliver your message


Suggested training time: 4 hours

This workshop will provide your delegates with insights & knowledge to improve their public speaking ability, build their confidence so their message to come across in a dynamic way and make their presentations catchy.


This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants wants to discover his or her strengths as a speaker, how to manage nerves, create an interactive presentation and make sure that the audience is really engaged.



• Become a great presenter and public speaker

• Be in control (fear of public speaking and confidence)

• Define your presentation style and prepare speeches

• Bring a personal approach to your presentations and public speaking

• Structure your presentation to suit the audience

• Understand what to focus on to create the impact you want and create memorable moments

• Discover and practice techniques for structuring, creating, and telling a great story

• Learn tools and techniques for high impact and engagement with the audience 

• Gain confidence in presenting to a range of different audiences

• Practice creating and running a successful Q&A session, and also dealing with difficult questions



•  Speech preparation, some tips and pointers

•  Dress, posture, preparing to adapt to the situation and the audience

•  Different speaking styles, difference audiences and arenas

•  Managing your nerves and getting ready to speak

•  Scanning the room during your speech

•  Voice control, intonation and delivery speed

•  Opening and closing statements

•  ‘Using silence’ within your speech

•  Working within the time frame available, short or long

•  Body language and non-verbal communication

•  Question & Answer sessions, handling challenging questions

•  Feedback on your presentation and public speaking skills

•  Making your presentations memorable and the STAR Moment

•  ‘Take Aways’ – personal development plan

Training format:

The focus is upon skills development in a supportive learning environment. This workshop includes presentations from professional coaches along with individual and group exercises.



All of our workshops can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss.


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