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  • Business Networking Workshop
  • BusinessNetworkingWorkshops
  • Business Networking Workshop
  • Business Networking Workshop

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Tailored training

Business networking and communication

Become a great networker and communicator to efficiently connect with strangers


Suggested training time: 3+ hours

This workshop will help your delegates improve their networking and communication skills: they will learn how to have a powerful impact and get successful results from their networking activities.


This workshop is perfect for anyone who want to be more proactive before / during / after networking events, feel more confident when presenting themselves and get more business through networking.



• Master the concept of networking and understand what networking is and what it is not

• Avoid nervousness being a barrier to networking

• Prepare for various networking opportunities

• Meet, connect and impress

• Create relevant opportunities: leverage your new and old contacts

• Construct a short description of yourself and/or your company’s proposition

• Build confidence and communicate professionally

• Learn how to project your voice 



• What is networking? And why does networking matter?

• Face to face and online networking

• Knowing your networking objectives

• Preparing pre and post networking activities

• Elevator pitch development and prepare for the usual questions

• Learning how to cope with nervousness

• Plan meetings and generate business

• Voice and speech training by a professional voice production coach


Training format: 

This workshop includes presentations from professional networking and voice production coach along with individual and group exercises throughout the session.



All of our workshops can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss.


Attend events and generate leads.jpg

Events and leads generation

Successfully attend events and generate leads.

LinkedIn and online presence.jpg

LinkedIn and

online presence

Successfully use and get results from LinkedIn.

Presentation and public speaking.jpg


and public speaking

Improve your delegates confidence and ability to speak in public.