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  • Business Networking Workshop
  • Business Networking Workshop

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Tailored training

Events and lead generation

Successfully attend events and generate leads


Suggested training time: 3 hours

This workshop will help your delegates learn about and really focus on their offline networking, building new connections and making sure they leverage them efficiently after each event.


This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to feel more confident attending events, meeting more people and getting successful results.



• Efficiently prepare for and attend events

• Create an exceptional first impression and start the conversation

• Adapt their interaction style to the person/people that they are meeting

• Feel confident working the room

• Create networking entry and exit strategies

• Approach people, break into groups and move on with consideration

• Determining the topic of discussion and be interesting

• Obtain information from others at the networking opportunity

• Provide details of themselves and/or their company to others

• Follow up and create potential business opportunities



• Which events to attend and how to best prepare

• Introduce yourself and create interest

• Presentation, body language and physical contact

• Arrive at the event, interact with others, break the ice 

• When and how to break into a group; when not to break in

• Initial contact; opening lines

• Generate interest and ask the right business questions

• Asking for, receiving and giving information

• Business card; requesting and giving

• How to circulate; exit strategies

• Build relationships and manage rejections

• Following up, establishing and maintaining the relationship


Training format:

This workshop includes a presentation from an industry expert and small group exercises.


All of our workshops can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss.


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Personal and 

professional confidence

Take control of your life and projects.

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LinkedIn and

online presence

Successfully use and get results from LinkedIn.

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and public speaking

Improve your delegates confidence and ability to speak in public.