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Tailored training

Events and lead generation

Successfully attend events and generate leads


Suggested training time: 3+ hours

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Our events and lead generation training prepares you to attend events successfully. It helps you create an effective strategy focusing on online and offline networking. You will become more proactive and efficient before, during and after networking events allowing you to build confidence, create new connections and follow up on opportunities.

Topics covered:

  • Build a successful strategy and prepare for events

  • Create an exceptional first impression

  • Work the room with ease

  • Master all conversations

  • Build relationships and manage rejection

  • Spot opportunities

  • Follow up on and leverage all opportunities

All of our workshops will be tailored to suit your specific needs.


Personal and professional confidence.jpg

Personal and 

professional confidence

Take control of your life and projects.

LinkedIn and online presence.jpg

LinkedIn and

online presence

Successfully use and get results from LinkedIn.

Presentation and public speaking.jpg


and public speaking

Improve your confidence and ability to speak in public.

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