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  • Business Networking Workshop
  • Business Networking Workshop

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Tailored training

LinkedIn and online presence

Successfully use and get results from LinkedIn


Suggested training time: 3 hrs

This workshop will help your delegates take their use of LinkedIn to the next level by sharing knowledge, experience and examples of best practice: they will learn, share and really focus on their social strategy and day-to-day use of the most effective social networking tool.


This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to see results from the use of LinkedIn: presenting a credible profile, becoming easily searchable and receiving more leads and business opportunities.



• The importance of business networking and the benefits of LinkedIn

• Build a strong online presence and generate leads at virtually no cost

• Get the knowledge to create profitable returns from LinkedIn

• Intelligently find new business contacts and opportunities

• Understand the LinkedIn etiquette and best practice



• Build a powerful and dynamic profile

• Be in control of your privacy

• Make connections and manage invitations

• Use LinkedIn for competitor monitoring and intelligence gathering

• Use Advanced Search to identify decision makers and influencers

• Publish content through LinkedIn

• Etiquettes and best behaviour


Training format:

This workshop is covered in two parts: why LinkedIn and what is possible, followed by relevant case studies and a live demonstration to building a successful profile.


All of our workshops can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss.


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Personal and 



Take control of your life

and projects.

Business Networking and


networking and communication

Become a great networker and communicator.

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and public


Improve your confidence and ability to speak in public.