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Network everywhere

'If you are not networking, you're not working.' - Dennis Waitley

Networking workshops and events London
Network everywhere, anytime!

Many people start to network proactively when they want something, for example a new job or new clients. This is too late. Any networker's continual success is based on building strong relationships on the long term.

You should build a network before you need it. The key is to never stop networking!

Once you have decided on your networking goals and objectives, you need to look at where to network. The best places to network allow you meet people under positive auspices. Once you have started the conversation, find and share common hobbies, interest or causes.

Networking is really just a conversation and those can happen everywhere!

One of the most common type of networking is in a group format and below are a few examples:

  • Conference

  • Alumni events

  • Chamber of commerce

  • Leads Groups and networking events

  • Toast masters

  • Meet-up

Attending events and networking can be intimidating. Find someone to go with you for example (only if you agree to separate at the event!) or find another type of networking which you feel more comfortable doing.

Every connection you make is important

One-to-one networking can be less intimidating and includes reconnecting with past acquaintance, following up with people you’ve recently met or catching up with friends of friends, colleagues or schoolmates.

Then you have your day to day activities which are great ways to expand your network. That can include any activity you do really: exercise, hobby groups, coffee shop, neighbourhood groups, volunteer group, etc. Even waiting in line! why not use that time to strike up a friendly conversation with someone around you instead? You never really know where those connections will lead.

Any savvy networker needs to be using both online and offline networking.

Last but not least, the online networking. In the past, networking was an activity conducted face-to-face but with the rise of online forums and social networking sites, a great networker nowadays can not ignore the online marketing opportunities and those include:

- LinkedIn

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Virtual networking events

For more tips and advises, check our other articles or join one of our upcoming workshops.

London networking workshops and events
You never really know where those connections will lead.

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