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Creating a compelling future

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

'We are what and where we are because we have first imagined it.' - Donald Curtis

Setting goals to get to life success
Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible, the foundation of all success in life. But setting goals is not enough: you need to immediately follow by both the development of a plan and then massive and consistent actions toward its fulfilment.

But what is stopping people? Why doesn't everyone set goals?

When you set a goal, you’ve committed. You have developed an ‘eustress’ type of pressure: a driving positive force that pushes you forward to constantly increase the quality of your life for yourself and all those around you.

Many people do not set goals by fear of not reaching them, by fear of failing or worst, they simply give up too soon but sometimes, failing to achieve your goal can mean getting closer to or achieving your real goals...

It is also not just getting the goal that matters but the quality of life you experience along the way. The direction we are heading is more important than individual results.

Live the dream.

There is one skill that we find in people who have really achieved their highest desires: an unbelievable level of persistence. They will adapt, adapt and adapt again, change their approach as many time as necessary but they won't abandon their ultimate vision until they have reached it.

Remember: a true decision is one that you act upon and one that you act upon now.

So what is the key to achieving goals? Have you set your goals yet?

Contact us today if you would like to discuss any 1 to 1 coaching on confidence and goals setting.

Goals setting for success and changes
What specific action could I take today that would lead me on that road to the destiny of my choice?

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