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Business networking & communication skills with Katerina Mina

Updated: May 28, 2019

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." - Brene Brown

Networking workshop London
Katerina Mina and Victoria Salem introducing themselves before the workshop starts

The first workshop TGN Coaching ever organised was with the London School of Business and Finance back in 2015. It was a success!

After running many additional workshops with several business schools and universities in London, the directors at TGN Coaching decided to expand their offering to corporates with various in-house training solutions and to professionals with an extensive calendar of public workshops.

Our 30th April workshop was organised in collaboration with famous opera singer and soprano Katerina Mina. An absolutely unique experience for all attendees!

Both presenters were excellent and engaging. We all went away having learned something useful. - David

Business Networking and communication workshop
Posture and voice coaching by Katerina Mina

The workshop was split into two distinctive parts: the business networking skills covered by Victoria Salem, networking coach and the communication skills covered by Katerina Mina, voice coach.

From thinking about ways to build their networking strategy to putting practical tools into practices, attendees worked on their networking skills and how to successfully build relationships. This workshop focused on helping them get more results and success from face-to-face networking and specifically touched on business cards, preparing for events, attending events, working the room and following up.

Moving on to postures and voice projection, Katerina took the time to correct everyone's postures and way to sit or stand to get as close as possible to your natural posture.

'Really liked the voice element - totally new to me and learnt a lot.' - Dr Mario Moustras

We all went back to the basic: how do you hold yourself and breath properly in order to have the most impact when speaking and also to make yourself heard.

We then moved on to tongue twisters and we all had a bit of fun trying to say out loud some of the superb sequences Katerina picked for us:




It was another successful workshop and let's remember that...

"Effective networking isn't a result of luck - it requires hard work and persistence."

We hope you enjoyed this article!

For more information about the next workshops, please visit our events' pages.

Networking and communication workshop london
Your network really is your net worth!

Content of the workshop This workshop run for 3.5 hours and covered the following:

  • What is networking? And why does networking matter?

  • Face to face and online networking

  • Create your networking plan: Efficiently prepare to and attend events

  • Work the room and introduce yourself, make the right first impression

  • Communication training: voice and speech training

  • Keep the conversation going and create interest

  • Ask for referrals and introductions

  • Plan meetings and generate business through networking and events

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