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Action signals = call to action

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

“We must cultivate our garden.” Voltaire

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The sky is not the limit. Your mind is.

According to Anthony Robbins, there are 10 emotions that are strong enough to lead you to change and take action. We have listed them here for you with their actual message.

1. Discomfort

Telling you something is not quite right

2. Fear

Telling you to get prepared, something is going to happen

3. Hurt

Telling you that you have an expectation that has not been met

4. Anger

You or someone has violated an important rule or standard that you hold for your life

5. Frustration (positive sign)

Telling you that you could be doing better or differently => exciting signal

6. Disappointment (destructive emotion)

Expectation or goal is not going to happen

7. Guilt

You have violated one of your own highest standard you hold for yourself

8. Inadequacy

You don’t have currently the necessary skill to do the task

9. Overload or overwhelm

You need to revaluate what’s most important to you in this situation

10. Loneliness

You need a connection with people

“What we feel is a choice.” ― Piyush Shrivastav

But what are the solutions and how should you deal with those emotions?

Most people deal with emotion either by:

- avoiding them: they fear rejection and therefore avoid any situation that could lead to rejection

- denying them: ”it doesn’t feel that bad”

- intensifying them: make it even worse than it is, it becomes a badge of courage

- learning from them and using them

Remember, you are the source of all your emotions: you are the one who created them. You can feel any way you choose at any moment in time.

When you feel good, you have decided to feel good because x, y, or z happened – but you don’t need a special reason to feel good. You can because you want to.

Change your approach!

If you want to learn more about emotions and how to control them, get in touch with us today!

One to one coaching London - change your mindset today
Changing your approach.

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